Repeatable Quests


Skill Questname NPC Rewards
+1 bakingKireya Needs Help Filling OrdersKireya Ahinit1 level in +1 baking
+1 herbalKeiana's SuppliesKeiana Xoreloran1 level in +1 herbal
AlchemyBalms for the BattlersLiera Zireti1 level in Alchemy, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
AlchemyMalco's MunchiesMalco Mokkar1 level in Alchemy, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP
Armor MakingA Measure of ProtectionKethzun Guthazik1 level in Armor Making, 2000 Tria, 8000 XP
BrewingThe Most Essential SuppliesEdrich Sultov1 level in Brewing
Combat (any skill)Hide HuntBjorid Haakthir1 level in Combat (any skill), 7310 Tria, 15000 XP
cookingDeliveries for SedunaSeduna Secut1 level in cooking
CookingHarnquist is HungryHarnquist1 level in Cooking, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
EmpathyBrado wants a Clean TavernBrado1 level in Empathy, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
EmpathyRemant's GauntletsRemant Tovere1 level in Empathy, 10 Faction with Guard, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
FishingFishing lessons for fishKzavu Gilnet1 level in Fishing
HarvestingKaiman Jilatt Needs Plants SuppliesKaiman Jilatt1 level in Harvesting, 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
Jewelry MakingAdorning the DomeBeniua Busuka1 level in Jewelry Making
Mace MakingAssisting GardrGardr Keck1 level in Mace Making, 3000 Tria, 10800 XP
MetallurgyFrom the Flames of the FurnaceSelisar Zeinifa 3 Starphires, 1 level in Metallurgy, 1297 Tria, 8000 XP
MiningOre and ore and oreFholen Medraa1 level in Mining, 5130-9922 Tria
Shield MakingTaking the BlowTrasok Starhammer1 level in Shield Making, 1297 Tria, 8000 XP

* All the quests displayed here will level up your skill by 1.


Questname NPC Rewards
A Brother's LovePevrin Damerr 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
Archilaya's Daily DeliveryArchilaya Gurpleferd--
Bead of SanityFordanot Helsun15 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP
Blessed Nettle SupplyCharisa Malod--
Brado's OrderBrado+ Faction with Food Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
Finara's LunchFinara Plund 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
Finra's GiftFinra Neticlo25 Faction with Cabal of Whispers, 5130 Tria, 13600 XP
Golden RingToda Ombretis Golden Ring, 9400 XP
Gorbiak DiseaseJardet Forsill15 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 10800 XP
Grok's Delivery for DurokGrok Idon Sabre, 1000 Tria, 17400 XP
Harnquist Weapon CommissionHarnquist20 Faction with Smith Association, 3391 Tria, 12200 XP
Harnquist's Raw MaterialsHarnquist 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
Insects in the GardenJardet Forsill10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
Interview Sunshine Squadron ApplicantsRylour Awnnys30 Faction with Guard, 7310 Tria, 15000 XP
Inviting TalentGurgus Dahnik30 Faction with Artists Association, 8607 Tria, 15000 XP
Jardet Wants Lake MushroomsJardet Forsill Summon glyph, 10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
Jashoky Needs SeedsJashoky Dakarn10 Faction with Seeds of Wildwood, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP
Jayose Lamp FuelJayose 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
Krestal's Letter DeliveryKrestal Dhusho Drinking Gourd of Brado's Special, 4 Travel Token, 1010 Tria, 8000 XP
Levrus Rat EyeLevrus Dahrenn Cold glyph -or- Arrow glyph -or- Energy glyph, 8000 XP
Malco Broke HammerMalco Mokkar 2107 Tria, 10800 XP
Malco Need LunchMalco Mokkar 2 Diamond Crystal, 15 Faction with Kran, 2107 Tria, 10800 XP
Menita's PuzzleMenita Gas Glyph -or- Bond Glyph -or- Doom Glyph -or- Magic Staff of Nature -or- Staff of Ways, 16400 XP
Moren Needs New BootsMoren Findel10 Faction with Guard, 1297 Tria, 8000 XP
Nalri Needs Hide StripsNalri Grimtorr10 Faction with Crafting Association, 1297 Tria, 9400 XP
Paper for CharisaCharisa Malod--
QuestioningHarnquist8000 XP
Rats in the WarehouseJirosh Mikana 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
Remant's SwordRemant Tovere10 Faction with Guard, 5130 Tria, 9400 XP
Salve For Sore HandsSinto Gheshd 1000 Tria, 8000 XP
Sculpting Supplies for GulmGulm Ossoe35 Faction with Artists Association, 9922 Tria, 16400 XP
Thorian's ShieldThorian Gronk8000 XP
Vresa's New SwordVresa Nohdiir Mind glyph, 3391 Tria, 10800 XP
Without a WayLevrus Dahrenn Apprentice's Blue Way Staff -or- Apprentice's Brown Way Staff -or- Apprentice's Crystal Way Staff -or- Apprentice's Red Way Staff -or- Way Amulet

** Every quest will be available after being logged for 6 or 10 hours.
*** The theory exists that skills which have at least 2 quests to improve can be done every 10 hours, the others every 6.