There are cases in which you will need to open a lock without breaking it and in most cases you will need to do it fast and without noise.

  • You train lockpicking by locking and unlocking crates or chests
  • Different chests open at different experience levels
  • The time you need to unlock/lock a chest is always 90 seconds
  • The XP you get decreases (by 2 or 3 XP per level) as your skill increases
  • More difficult chests give more XP
  • It is possible to attempt unlocking a chest which you are not yet able to open
  • However, attempting to unlock a chest will give you less XP than successfully opening the most difficult chest that you are able to
  • For example, at level 30 you get 90 XP for unlocking a metal chest, but only 75 XP for attempting to unlock a wide chest
  • If you want to get the items inside a chest, pick up the unlocked chest and eat it (by dropping it on your chracter)
  • You can find crates and chests lying around in Yliakum
  • Crates and chests respwan after some time
Item Level Last Check
Hardened Crate102017-02-01
Adorned Crate152017-02-01
Sturdy Chest202017-02-01
Metal Chest302017-02-01
Reinforced Chest402017-02-01
Wide Chest502017-02-01
Ancient Chest702017-02-01