Quest File Writing Manual

PSQ is the quest format, which the website '' uses to store it's quests. PSQ is short for 'PlaneShift Quest'. In the following I will give an introduction on how to write such a file. If the format is not correct, the program that I use to convert it into a webpage does not function anymore. Please read this file carefully and send me an e-mail if you have questions or something does not work ( It is always helpful, if someone sends me the file for a new quests!

Get an idea by start looking at a couple of existing psq-files. Please download this page as markdown file for better readability



Syntax introduction

Our program reads the psq-file line by line. Each line has to start with an identifier (except when it is empty). If a line does not start with an identifier or the line is not empty, the program won't work. An identifier consists of one or two words, which are enclosed by brackets.

Possible identifier:

[Comments], [Questname], [NPC Name], [Checkup], [Authors], [Need], [Reward],
[Repeatable], [Info], [To], [Give], [Time], [NPC], [NPC ME], [NPC MY],
[NPC Internal], [NPC Narrate], [Possible Ways], [Way].


Identifiers at the Beginning



[NPC Name]






Example 1 (one item):

[Need] [Item] 10, Rat Eye <-- only 10 rat eyes are needed

Example 2 (several items):

[Need] [Item] 10, Rat Eye; [Money] 100 <-- 10 rat eyes and 100 tria are needed

Example 3 (multi line):

[Need] [Item] 10, Rat Eye <-- other notation
[Need] [Money] 100 <-- we still need 10 rat eyes and 100 tria

Example 4 (need options):

# A player needs to be level 10 in melee for a quest.
# Additionally the player EITHER needs 200 tria OR 50 tria plus 6 rat hides.
[Need] [Skill] 10, Melee [OR Begin] [Money] 200 [OR] [Item] 6, Rat Hides; [Money] 50 [OR End]

Core identifiers






[NPC Internal]

[NPC Narrate]

[NPC ME] and [NPC MY]

Identifiers at the End


Additional Reward-identifier:

Multiple Ways identifiers

[Possible Ways]


[Reward]/[Need] [Way X]


[Reward] [Money] 1000
[Reward] [Way 1] [Item] 10, Rat Eye
[Reward] [Way 2] [Item] 1, Staff
# No matter how the player executes this quest, he will
# always get 1000 tria. However, if he takes way 1, he
# gets 10 rat eyes and if he takes way 2 he gets a staff.