Description: Digging valuable things out of the ground.

General information:

  • For mining, you solely need a rock pick and a place to dig.
  • Take the rock pick in your right hand, go to a mine and type '/dig' in the chat window.
  • Tipp: Set a shortcut to the command '/dig' in the shortcut window.
  • You can find a list of the mines further down this page.
  • Unlike other jobs, for mining, no books are required.
  • You can boost your mining skill by wearing 'displaced' jewellery (max 32 lvl).


  • Get to know the basics of mining with the Basics of Mining quest.
  • Use the repeatable quest Ore and ore and ore to get easy training in mining. Fholen asks you to deliver ores and crystals to a recipient which levels up your mining skill. The higher your current level, the more complicated the delivery becomes.
  • Get a 150 quality rock pick from the Lorytia Starhammer and the Clan Reunion quest. This is 3 times higher than the normal quality and may increase your mining speed or the quality of your ores/crystals (we are not sure, if it does).


  • If you dig once, you get 5 practice points.
  • If you get an ore/crystal, you get 10 practice points.
  • The higher your level, the better is the quality of the ore/crystal.
  • The higher your level, the more ores/crystals you will get if you are successful. Up to level 40 you get 1 ore/crystal. From 40-60 two. Starting at 40, every 20 levels, the quantity is increased by 1 (max 10 ores/crystals at 200).

Mining difficulty:

  • Different mines exhibit different difficulties. If an ore/crystal is easy to mine, you get better quality ores/crystals and have a higher rate of success.
  • Ore difficulty (easy->hard): Coal, Iron, Tin, Zinc, Copper, Cinnabar, Lumium, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
  • Crystal difficulty (easy->hard): Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond.

Locations of Crystals

Crystal Location
Diamond CrystalDungeon
Diamond CrystalGugrontid City
Emerald CrystalDungeon
Ruby CrystalDungeon
Sapphire CrystalDungeon

Locations of Ores

Ore Location
Cinnabar OreGugrontid City
Coal LumpBronze Door Road 1
Coal LumpDungeon
Coal LumpMagic Shop
Coal LumpOjaveda Road 2
Copper OreBronze Door Road 2
Copper OreGugrontid City
Gold OreBronze Door Road 2
Gold OreGugrontid City
Gold OreOjaveda Road 2
Iron OreBronze Door Road 1
Iron OreDungeon
Iron OreOjaveda Road 2
Lumium OreGugrontid City
Platinum OreOjaveda Road 1
Silver OreDungeon
Silver OreOjaveda Road 2
Tin OreBronze Door Road 1
Tin OreOjaveda Road 2
Zinc OreBronze Door Road 1
Zinc OreOjaveda Road 2