Description: With magic you can cast spells of various forms in Planeshift.

General information:

  • Currently the game offers about 90 spells and 55 glyphs.
  • Only training is needed to rank up your magic level.
  • Each way has a different focus and mental stat with different glyphs and spells.


  • You can cast spells on dummies for training.
  • Casting spells give differnt amounts of XP.
  • Casting spells may be faster than gem enchanting!
  • Casting spells give less XP the higher your realm is in that way.
  • This also applies, if you boost your level to the next realm with magical items.
  • The higher you get the faster you cast a spell.
  • Thus, in the levels before a new realm, you train the fastest.

Way Master:

  • you have one mastery way. in this way you get the mastery staff, robe and bracers
  • the two ways next to them are the supporting ways. in this ways you can get the mastery staff
  • the ways next to the supporting ways are the nutreal ways.
  • the way on the other side is the opposing way
  • of course you can cast all the spells of all ways
  • but this is the history to the ways
  • and you may not get all the glyphs (but if you trade or have money you can again)
  • to see what ways are next to the way you want to master, open the spellbook and look at it as a circle

Way Training:

  • apprentice wand to start, then the bracers and then a robe, after the Apprentice items you go for Adept
  • the apprentice items get changed for Adept ones and so on
  • Apprentice, Adept, Master ,the 3 grades of the need to be at different magic levels to progress
  • you can be apprentice in all ways and adept,but only a master in one way,don't do master quests in any other way if you want to be a cw master..
  • all the items give boosts for that way if you equip them

Spell Power:

  • there is a scrollbar named "spell power" at your information window
  • if you put it to 100 you do stronger spells
  • but maybe they cost more mana
  • if its 0 the enemies avoid the spell more often
  • if its 0 you do not fail, if its 100 you fail to cast the spell very often
  • for training 0 is better, cause you dont fail and get always xp in the way


  • you can drink tea (maybe also other stuff) that gives you a boost
  • at 300q they boost + 17
  • at 300y they boost you 10 min
  • snowbud tea = + 17 BLW for 10 min
  • wyn tea = + 17 CW