Fishing lessons for fish
Required: 1 6 Daces, 1 6 Perches, 3 Coppernoses.
→ Go to Kzavu Gilnet
YOU: Hello, is there any thing you need help with?
Kzavu Gilnet: Yes there is actually...
Kzavu Gilnet: I'm running low on some fish and could really do with you getting me some specific ones.
YOU: Of course, what do you need?
Kzavu Gilnet cheers happily.
Kzavu Gilnet: Fantastic!
Kzavu Gilnet: I want you to catch six daces, six perches and three coppernoses, bring them to me as fast as you can.
YOU: Here are the fish.
Kzavu Gilnet: Oh fantastic!
Kzavu Gilnet: Thank you very much, I think I can use your help again in the future.
Rewards: 1 Level in Fishing.