Gem Enchanting

Description: Enchanting Crystals with Glyphs using an Enchanter.

General information:

  • Enchanted gems can be used to craft magical items.
  • A list of all gem-glyph combinations can be found further down the page.
  • Enchanting gems is one of the easiest & fastest ways to train magic.

House of Power:

  • To enchant gems using the crystal, blue or brown way, you need to visit the House of Power.
  • To enter the House of Power, you need to posess the 'Enchanting Gems of Power' book by completing the Gregori's Enchanted Gems quest.
  • To get the quest, you need to be at least an adept in crystal, blue or brown way.

House of the Spirit:

  • To enchant gems using the azure, red or dark way, you need to visit the House of the Spirit.
  • To enter the House of the Spirit, you need to posess the 'Enchanting Gems of Spirit' book by completing the Thorian's Order quest.
  • To get the quest, you need to be at least an adept in azure, red or dark way.


  • Always put the right book into your 'mind'.
  • Go to an enchanter, place 1 crystal inside, take a glyph into your right hand and press 'use container'.
  • The higher your level, the shorter you need for enchanting.
  • The higher your level, the more crystals you can use.
  • Above level 20-30 (depending on the way), ruby; above 50, emerald; above 100, sapphire; above 150, diamonds.
  • The higher the level of the crystal, the longer you need for enchanting this special crystal.
  • 1 second enchanting gives you 1 practice point.
  • Enchanting crystals, which are already enchanted, won't get you practice points, except if they turn into dust.
  • Tipp: Use the enchanted crystals for quests. Just use the 'Give items to NPC' button.

Enchanted Gems

Way Glyph Gem Result Class House
Blue Cold Ruby Psychic - of Power
Blue Poison Emerald Psychic Lesser of Power
Blue Object Sapphire Psychic Major of Power
Blue Polymorph Diamond Psychic Greater of Power
Blue Cold Emerald Reflecting - of Power
Blue Poison Sapphire Reflecting Lesser of Power
Blue Object Diamond Reflecting Major of Power
Blue Rain Ruby Freezing - of Power
Blue Net Sapphire Freezing Lesser of Power
Blue Poison Diamond Freezing Major of Power
Blue Divination Emerald Gazing - of Power
Blue Key Sapphire Gazing Lesser of Power
Blue Purify Diamond Gazing Major of Power
Blue Rain Emerald of Waterkin - of Power
Blue Sphere Diamond of Waterkin Major of Power
Blue Water Emerald of Sharpness - of Power
Blue Water Diamond of Sharpness Major of Power
Blue Sphere Emerald of Redemption - of Power
Blue Rain Diamond of Redemption Major of Power
Brown Armor Ruby Entangled - of Power
Brown Rock Emerald Entangled Lesser of Power
Brown Armor Sapphire Entangled Major of Power
Brown Tree Diamond Entangled Greater of Power
Brown Armor Emerald Mutant - of Power
Brown Rock Sapphire Mutant Lesser of Power
Brown Wall Diamond Mutant Major of Power
Brown Summon Emerald Displaced - of Power
Brown Weight Sapphire Displaced Lesser of Power
Brown Summon Diamond Displaced Major of Power
Brown Wall Emerald of Chaos - of Power
Brown Weight Diamond of Chaos Major of Power
Brown Tree Emerald of Illusion - of Power
Brown Creature Diamond of Illusion Major of Power
Brown Weight Emerald of Shadow - of Power
Brown Earth Diamond of Shadow Major of Power
Crystal Arrow Ruby Luminous - of Power
Crystal Energy Emerald Luminous Lesser of Power
Crystal Faith Sapphire Luminous Major of Power
Crystal Crystal Diamond Luminous Greater of Power
Crystal Life Emerald Swirling - of Power
Crystal Light Sapphire Swirling Lesser of Power
Crystal Sight Diamond Swirling Major of Power
Crystal Crystal Emerald Whispering - of Power
Crystal Arrow Sapphire Whispering Lesser of Power
Crystal Energy Diamond Whispering Major of Power
Crystal Faith Emerald Boiling - of Power
Crystal Sight Sapphire Boiling Lesser of Power
Crystal Faith Diamond Boiling Major of Power
Crystal Sight Emerald of Mindcontrol - of Power
Crystal Life Diamond of Mindcontrol Major of Power
Crystal Door Emerald of Creation - of Power
Crystal Arrow Diamond of Creation Major of Power
Crystal Light Emerald of Thunder - of Power
Crystal Door Diamond of Thunder Major of Power
Azure Air Ruby Radiant - of Spirit
Azure Gas Emerald Radiant Lesser of Spirit
Azure Bond Sapphire Radiant Major of Spirit
Azure Dome Diamond Radiant Greater of Spirit
Azure Air Emerald Burning - of Spirit
Azure Gas Sapphire Burning Lesser of Spirit
Azure Bond Diamond Burning Major of Spirit
Azure Bond Emerald Shiny - of Spirit
Azure Bow Sapphire Shiny Lesser of Spirit
Azure Humanoid Diamond Shiny Major of Spirit
Azure Dome Emerald of Confusion - of Spirit
Azure Mind Diamond of Confusion Major of Spirit
Azure Mind Emerald of Shattering - of Spirit
Azure Sleep Diamond of Shattering Major of Spirit
Azure Sound Emerald of Brilliance - of Spirit
Azure Bow Diamond of Brilliance Major of Spirit
Azure Sleep Emerald of Swiftness - of Spirit
Azure Sound Diamond of Swiftness Major of Spirit
Dark Death Ruby Obscure - of Spirit
Dark Negate Emerald Obscure Lesser of Spirit
Dark Death Sapphire Obscure Major of Spirit
Dark Illness Diamond Obscure Greater of Spirit
Dark Death Emerald Organic - of Spirit
Dark Blindness Sapphire Organic Lesser of Spirit
Dark Daemon Diamond Organic Major of Spirit
Dark Illness Emerald Opposing - of Spirit
Dark Daemon Sapphire Opposing Lesser of Spirit
Dark Fear Diamond Opposing Major of Spirit
Dark Blindness Emerald Revealing - of Spirit
Dark Negate Sapphire Revealing Lesser of Spirit
Dark Entropy Diamond Revealing Major of Spirit
Dark Shadow Emerald of Tides - of Spirit
Dark Weakness Diamond of Tides Major of Spirit
Dark Fear Emerald of Resistance - of Spirit
Dark Shadow Diamond of Resistance Major of Spirit
Dark Weakness Emerald of Absorption - of Spirit
Dark Blindness Diamond of Absorption Major of Spirit
Red Fire Ruby Flaming - of Spirit
Red Lightning Emerald Flaming Lesser of Spirit
Red Meteor Sapphire Flaming Major of Spirit
Red Lava Diamond Flaming Greater of Spirit
Red Vortex Emerald Lit - of Spirit
Red Weapon Sapphire Lit Lesser of Spirit
Red Hand Diamond Lit Major of Spirit
Red Might Emerald Heated - of Spirit
Red Hand Sapphire Heated Lesser of Spirit
Red Fire Diamond Heated Major of Spirit
Red Weapon Emerald of Magma - of Spirit
Red Lightning Diamond of Magma Major of Spirit
Red Fire Emerald of Vapor - of Spirit
Red Vortex Diamond of Vapor Major of Spirit
Red Hand Emerald of Firegaze - of Spirit
Red Might Diamond of Firegaze Major of Spirit
Red Lava Emerald of Quartz - of Spirit
Red Meteor Diamond of Quartz Major of Spirit