Book Quest
Advanced Bow Making Advanced Bow Making
Alchemical Concoctations Making Magical Potions
Basic Bow Making Learning Bow Making
Basic Jewelry Making Toda Needs Gold Rings
Basic Leathermaking Introduction to Leatherworking
Basic Potions Tome Liera's Cure
Book of Blades Learning Blade Making
Catalog of Hammers any Maces A new mace for Nevis
Catalog of Light Shields Learning Shield Making
Catalog of Medium Shields ?
Cooking with Minerals Feeding the Guard
Crystal's Delight for Kran Jomed’s Coalchemist Problem
Dishes with Fishes Apprenticeship Approval
Drinks of the Dome Beer Tasting Event
Enchanting Armor A Most Enchanting Order
Enchanting Gems of Power Gregori's Enchanted Gems
Enchanting Gems of Spirit Thorian's Order
Enchanting Heavy Shields Seeking Guidance II
Enchanting Light Shields Seeking Guidance II
Enchanting Weapons Seeking Guidance I
Enforcer Shield Diagram Trasok's Commission
Expert Bow Making ?
Forging Platinum Steel Axes Trasok and the Guards
Forging Platinum Steel Blades Forging Platinum Steel Blades
Gemstone Jewelry Gem Necklace for Uri Djho-Maat
Gifts of Xiosia Bestowing the Gifts of Xiosia
Healer's Remedie Potions for a Healer
Helms of Darmeth Book Delivery for Kelicha
Herbal Remedies Aleena Teaches Herbalism
Making Chainmail Armor Learning to Make Chain Mail
Making Leather Armor Making Leather Armor
Making Plate Mail Armor Helping Nalri
Meat and Stew Recipes Jomed's Meat Medley
Mystic’s Great Work ?
Nature's Secrets Learning Nature's Secrets
Notes of an Axe Maker Teeth for Trasok
Platinum Steel Hammers and Maces Helping Gardr with kras orders
Secrets of the Barrel ?
Shadow and Sunshine Shield Design ?
Superior Platinum Steel Blades Veja's stolen stock
Superior Sword Parchment New Sabre for Jecascis
The Art of Baking Learning to Cook
The Pastry Chef Archilaya's New Recipe
Working with Rare Stock Working with Rare Metals
Working with Stock Learning Metal Working