Trains on how to catch fish, what pole or bait to use, what time of day makes for the best catch.

General information:

  • For fishing, you solely need a fishing rod and a place to fish.
  • Take the fishing rod in your right hand, go to a place and type '/fish' in the chat window.
  • Tipp: Set a shortcut to the command '/fish' in the shortcut window.
  • You can find a list of places further down this page.
  • Unlike other jobs no books are required for fishing.
  • You can boost your fishing skill by wearing 'Waterkin' jewellery (max 32 lvl).
  • Use the repeatable quest Fishing lessons for fish to get easy training in fishing. Kzavu asks you to bring him different amounts of certain fishes to level up your fishing skill. The higher your current level, the more complicated the delivery becomes.
  • The higher your level, the more fish you get. Up to level 40 you get 1. From 40-60 two.
  • Starting at 40, every 20 levels, the quantity is increased by 1.
BreamBronze Doors Outside
Carp FishBronze Door Road 1
Carp FishBronze Door Road 2
Carp FishBronze Doors Outside
Carp FishOjaveda Road 2
CoppernoseBronze Door Road 2
CrayfishBronze Door Road 2
CrayfishOjaveda Road 2
DaceBronze Door Road 2
DaceOjaveda Road 2
EelBronze Doors Outside
IdeBronze Doors Outside
LionfishBronze Doors Outside
LionfishOjaveda Road 1
Manta RayBronze Doors Outside
OrfeOjaveda Road 2
PerchBronze Door Road 2
TroutOjaveda Road 2
UnicornfishOjaveda Road 1